• Who can join Qumosi?

    Qumosi is a platform for all engineers, makers, investors, and individuals who are looking for a creation hub based on hardware and software. While our focus is on clean technology, we encourage all fields to participate in developing our community.

  • How do I sign up to join Qumosi?

    Currently, all prospective members must contact the Qumosi team through our contact page to begin the vetting and sign-up process. We do this to ensure that our community grows in a productive fashion and prevent unwarranted account sign up.

  • How many members do I need to sign-up my team?

    While you can request access for your individual account before team formation, we require your project(s) to have a minimum of one active members (contributors).

  • Where can I learn more about careers with Qumosi?

    If you wish to learn more about the Internal Qumosi Team (IQT) and potentially join us in our efforts, send a message through the contacts page at .

  • I am a Qumosi Community Member and I currently have a project with Team A but wish to have another project with a separate Team B. Am I allowed to have multiple teams across multiple projects?

    There are no rules against being part of multiple teams across multiple projects. We simply require that each project have a minimum of one active members (contributors).